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Our Theory


If it is worth framing, it is worth framing right.

We have the humbling privilege of being caretakers of our clients' treasures. It is a responsibility that is not taken lightly. These items are hand-chosen to be displayed for a reason. Be that reason sentimental, value-driven, or simply just to enjoy viewing, it matters not. If it is important to you it is important to us.

At Frame Theory, we operate by treating everything as if it were irreplaceable.

We demonstrate this through our materials, such as our vast selection of premium frames, our museum grade matboards and supports, and our use of UV filtering glazing exclusively. We also employ an array of mounting techniques designed to display art without altering its original state whenever possible. Everyone has the right to know how their item will be protected, and our pledge is to be transparent about the options available to you. An informed decision creates peace of mind, which makes the enjoyment of the final presentation that much sweeter.

Owl Watercolor

About Us

David & Kaylene

Frame Theory was founded by David Reiner in Milford, NH as a manifestation of his passion for beautiful custom framing. David, having over 19 years of experience in the industry, began his career with The Frame Depot and has continuously honed and innovated his craft ever since. In 2018, his abilities were recognized on a national level when he won a top category in Larson Juhl's Design Star: Chopped Edition competition.

Kaylene (David's better half) is a designer at Frame Theory. She sees design as an opportunity to tell the story about the piece being framed. Having experience as an artist in her own right, her perspective of color and texture offer stunning framing possibilities. Kaylene is also excellent at interior staging and can provide valuable insight into the choice of art and frame for a setting.

Together, David and Kaylene aspire for Frame Theory to be a fun and inspirational venue for custom framing. A place where preservation and presentation go hand-in-hand, and where innovative ideas and techniques are ready to bring your art to life like never before.

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