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Framing Standards

Our theory is that if it is worth framing, it is worth framing right. We treat every item entrusted to us with conservation in mind. To name a few of our standards: all of our glazing options (both glass and acrylic) boast high UV filtration, all of our matboards are conservation or museum grade, and we prioritize non-invasive mounting methods. Visit or contact us to ask our framer about the preservation options available for your project.

Framing Services

  • Original Art, Posters, & Photos

  • Oversize Art

  • 3D Object Shadowboxes

  • Custom Mirrors

  • Needlework & Textiles

  • Canvas Mounting

  • Custom Embellishments


Is all work done in-house?

Yes, your entire framing project is handled from start to finish within the safety of our Milford, NH store.

Do you replace broken glass?

Yes, although we will need to inspect the integrity of your frame before doing so. Keep in mind that depending on the severity of the breakage, there may be damage to other components within the package as well.

Do you repair broken frames?

This type of work is assessed on a case-by-case basis. We can sometimes correct minor defects, such as loose corners or broken hangers, but more complex damage is not something that we remedy.

Do you offer any printing services?

We do not offer any printing services. Our focus is exclusively on custom framing design and creation.

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